Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freedom Meditations?

Freedom Meditations are short, succinct guided meditations intended to help you find fast relief from stress, worry and anxiety on demand.

How do Freedom Meditations work?

Each Freedom Meditation is an MP3 file, approximately five minutes long, combining guided meditation with safe and effective hypnotic techniques. After you submit your order, you will be able to download your file(s) immediately.

Use the Freedom Meditation as needed whenever you are feeling upset or stressed, or on a regular basis to maintain a positive state of mind.

When instructions are given (for example, to breathe in or imagine something), please follow those suggestions actively.

For the best relaxation, close your eyes and make sure you are not disturbed during the session. However, Freedom Meditations can be used with your eyes open. Please do not listen to our recordings while driving, operating machinery or performing any other task that requires your full attention.

For maximum convenience, keep a copy of your file(s) on your smartphone. Here's how to transfer a music file to an Android phone. To transfer the file to an iPhone, please use iTunes.

Why is each recording so short?

Freedom Meditations are intended to be used within a busy schedule. In most cases, it doesn't take more than five minutes to create a change in your thinking.

How long will it take to see results?

Each time you listen to a recording, you should be feeling better about the issue immediately.

When and where should I be listening to the recording(s)?

Freedom Meditations are designed to be used on an as-needed basis, but they can be used on a regular basis for reinforcement. Some people choose to listen to a recording every morning to start the day, others listen during their commute to work, and others listen as they're going to sleep at night.

How can I find out if Freedom Meditations is right for me?

If you click through to each of the Freedom Meditations, there's a short sample of the recording right under the "Add to Cart" button. If you're still not sure, just give it a shot. We have an unconditional, 60-day refund policy in the case that you're dissatisfied with your recording(s).

What methods of payment can I use?

We accept all major credit cards.

Can I get recordings as CDs?

Our online store only sells digital downloads. If you require a CD, you can burn a copy for your personal use.

How can I listen to my recordings?

The recordings are in an industry-standard MP3 format. You can listen to them on any computer, smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. We do not provide support for specific devices, but in most cases it's pretty simple to play back the recording.

I don't see a recording for what I need help with. What do I do?

It's very possible that a recording for your issue is in the works. To be notified of new releases, please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page. If you can wait, or if your needs are very specific, you can order a custom recording.

I have a question that isn't on the FAQ page. What do I do?

You can send us a message through our contact us page.

How do I download my recordings?

After you submit your order, you'll be able to download your recording(s) through the web. If you have any issue with your download, please contact us.

    What does “enhanced with safe and effective hypnosis techniques” mean?

    Without using a formal hypnotic induction, we use certain hypnotic language patterns and processes to make your session more relaxing and easier to accept. Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is both safe and effective.

    I’m not happy with my recordings. What do I do?

    We want to increase the world's happiness, not decrease it. If you're unhappy with your Freedom Meditation(s) for any reason, please drop us a note within 60 days and we'll send you a prompt refund. Custom and tailored meditations are not eligible for a refund, so we encourage you to become familiar with our offerings before requesting a custom or tailored recording.

    Why do you charge in USD when you are based in Canada?

    Most of our customers are in the United States, and USD is the currency they're most comfortable transacting in. If you would like to view our prices in CAD (or GBP, AUD, etc.), please use the currency selector in the menu bar.