Freedom from Anger

Change Anger to Peace of Mind

You have every right to live your life free from anger. It doesn’t matter what caused your anger, what’s really important is reducing its effect on you and your relationships. Think of anger like it’s fresh, red hot lava. Lava is so hot it’s impossible to hold—it burns and scars and destroys. Your anger is hurting you just the same as lava would if you were foolish enough to try to contain it.

The easiest thing to do is drop the anger. In fact, it’s what you have to do - release it before it burns and scorches it’s way through your life. There’s a way for you to control the anger you’re living with. First, recognize it’s within you and decide to get rid of it. Recognizing the wrong that caused your hurt feelings helps you see who or what is causing it to be in your head. Then, understand the cause.

You can take steps to regain power over your emotions and feelings. Buy the Freedom From Anger MP3, load it on your device, and listen risk-free for 60 days.

Take Back Control Of Your Mind

Refuse to let other people hijack your mind with negative thoughts and feelings. Sometimes other people enjoy ‘pushing buttons’ and making us angry on purpose. Rob them of that power to make you mad. You have the ability to counter their manipulations.

Own Your Peace Of Mind

The scary thing about anger is how it can come to you unbidden. But you do have the choice to release anger and make it so small it never has an effect on you. Your conscious choice to manage anger is the first step to reducing the impact it has on your relationships and gaining a steady peace of mind.

Forgiveness Displaces Anger

Forgiving the people that have made you angry, for whatever reason, doesn’t mean they’re right. All it means is that you’ve chosen to take away their ability to affect you negatively. Forgiveness means you have the strength to resist their petty concerns and get on with your life.

The Freedom From Anger MP3 can help you master your thoughts and emotions to experience a fulfilling, caring and loving life.

Format: MP3
Duration: 5:01
Guarantee: 60-Day Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee. Buy With Confidence.

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