Freedom from Cynicism

Drop Your Cynicism For Fresh Horizons

Your life is actually deep and fresh and ever-changing—you just haven’t been paying attention lately. You’re not alone in your complacency. You can battle your attitude and stop taking the people around you, your environment, your work, and your love for granted. All you have to do is replace your current vision with a new way of looking and seeing.

Remember yourself as a kid, on your first family vacation. Everything seemed new. It was all exciting. Everywhere you looked was full of new things to see and understand and experience. And then, suddenly you’re an adult with a mortgage, bills to pay and trouble at work. Bam! It’s no wonder you’ve started to become desensitized to your surroundings.

But it easy to make your world fresh and vibrant again. It’s pretty easy to avoid the cynicism you’ve been feeling towards just about anything and everything. Imagine you’re seeing your current world through the eyes of the younger, innocent you.

Replace Your Boredom With Surprise

You can spice up your life with a new mental outlook. Imagine the younger you paying your mortgage at the bank or doing something you’ve forgotten you even know, like driving. What would it be like as a kid to suddenly find yourself on a 6 lane highway in rush hour?

Make Yourself Mindful and Present

You can avoid taking your life and the people and places in it for granted—if you want to. Be mindful and present in the moment, and you’ll begin to notice and see all the nuance and perfection in the day to day normal you’re so used to breezing though.

Perfect Your Beginner’s Mind

Noting the pleasure you can get from being present in the moment is one of the benefits of reducing your cynicism. Like a child, a beginner’s mind is full of questions and wonder—where expectations rarely exist and second guessing is impossible.

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