Freedom from Guilt

Get Yourself Free From Guilt

You are not the kind of person to be tied down by guilt. You’re vibrant and fun loving and enjoy all the people in your life - except sometimes there’s this nagging burden you’re carrying. You feel guilty. And now is the time to put that guilt out of mind and out of your life.

Think about the loving people in your life—would you criticize them as hard as you criticize yourself? Would you ever dream of saying to them some of the things you say to yourself? Probably not. You treat the people around you with caring respect, and it’s about time you started to treat yourself with the same kind of love and respect.

Guilt mostly arises from a poor choice made without thinking. Usually from diving into doing or saying something that ended up with a result you hadn’t intended. You can now make another choice, a considered choice—to think of guilt as a normal reaction and not let it control you.

Let The Past Go

It doesn’t matter if it’s last night, just 5 minutes ago, or a while ago—you can let the past go. When you do, you open yourself to accepting new experiences and having fun, maybe even feeling happy.

Good People Know What’s Right

Deep down you know you’re a good person. Occasional feelings of guilt are a normal human reaction. The fact that you’re actually feeling guilty demonstrates that you’re a normal, good person who knows what is right. And since you know what’s right, you can stop punishing yourself with guilty feelings.

Choose To Forgive yourself

Choose to forgive yourself and let go of the embarrassment, regret or shame that’s haunting you. All you need to do is keep in mind that as time passes the immediate hurt you’re feeling will diminish. You can speed up that process when you make an effort to start forgiving yourself for being human.

Decide right now you want to minimize the guilt you’re feeling. Download the Freedom From Guilt MP3 to your device. You have a full 60 days to listen risk-free.

Format: MP3
Duration: 4:38
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