Freedom from Shame

Replace Your Shame With Inner Love

Three short words sums it up best: you are lovable. Think about the people in your life who think you’re great, who know you’re good, and appreciate your talents. Those people are not wrong. They believe in you because they’ve seen you demonstrate your goodness. Listen and be cheered by the voices of those people in your world who love you as you are. Just imagine agreeing with them.

Sometimes shame can be wrong. Did you know that? Sometimes shame can be mistaken, or inflated out of proportion to actual events. You’re not always the best judge of how and what others perceive. Which means what you imagine as the most horrible thing about you in the whole wide world - might actually be invisible to others. Better yet, it might not matter to anyone.

Make the Freedom From Shame MP3 an essential component in your toolkit for self-mastery and personal freedom. Load it on your phone and make use of it for a full 60 days, risk-free.

Escape The Guilt Of Shame

You can recognize that you’re excellent and worthy when you take the time to examine and separate shame in your mind. Imagine putting shame in a room all of it’s own, behind protective glass, where you can examine it at your leisure. Containing shame makes it smaller and smaller.

You’re Not Broken, You’re Awesome

Embrace the thought that you’re not broken, you’re a regular person with normal thoughts, feelings and desires. Force shame to dwindle from your thoughts by agreeing that you have a heart which is vital and capable of providing life, love, joy, kindness and compassion to yourself and those around you.

Assert Your Self-Esteem

You can take control of the positive in your heart and share that strength in your relationships at work, in your community and with your friends and family. Crowd shame out of your life by reinforcing your memories of all the positive successes you’ve created and celebrated so far.

Reduce the feelings of failure and guilt shame is throwing in your face. Download your copy of Freedom From Shame and start celebrating your awesomeness again.

Format: MP3
Duration: 4:57
Guarantee: 60-Day Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee. Buy With Confidence.

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