Freedom from the Past

Experience Freedom From Your Past

You owe it to yourself to live in the present, the here-and-now. Being in the present lets you see opportunity without bias. It helps you to think independently of learned patterns and traditions you might have picked up. And most importantly, living in the present frees you to explore yourself and have new relationships without the old fears and constraints of the past.

You can forgive the past by reminding yourself that it’s only old memories, both good and bad, that make up the past. Some of your memories might be of mistakes that make you doubt yourself and prevent you from appreciating your current world and being happy and content. It’s possible to forgive those mistakes, and put them aside so you have the opportunity to enjoy the present, free from bitterness.

Being present in the moment is the one real moment of your life because the past is only memories and the future is still imagination. Buy Freedom From The Past and try it for a full 60 days risk-free.

Be In The Moment

You can be conscious of the present here-and-now, it’s easy. And with that appreciation of the moment, it’s far easier to see and understand how the past is affecting your present. Improve your relationships and introduce courage into your life by putting your negative memories behind the present and letting today shine out without distortion.

Forgive Past Mistakes

You have choice in your life. You and only you can decide to make the choice to forgive. You have the freedom to forgive and be at peace with any of those memories that are making you unhappy or colouring your opinions and attitudes.

The Present Is All That Matters

You control all the dials and switches you need to take control of your past. Reducing it’s control over you is possible and takes just a little bit of concentration. Just remember that the past is memory and the future is imagination—which means only the present is a real moment.

Help keep yourself in the here-and-now with the Freedom From The Past MP3. It loads onto your device effortlessly, and you have a full 60 days to try it out, risk-free.

Format: MP3
Duration: 5:13
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